Windowsill museum

Create your own Windowsill Museum

75 years of liberated Limburg in memories. Many people in Limburg have hidden treasures dating back to World War II and the liberation, in particular. War attributes, resistance newspapers, postcards, photos, archaeological finds or other personal memories

Display your memory

Do you have one or more extraordinary objects you would like to put on display? Well, you can by creating your own temporary Windowsill Museum and placing the objects in your windowsill. This extraordinary museum action makes the Second World War, and the liberation in particular, tangible and it brings the stories of the people in the entire province of Limburg to life.

Initiatives by groups (of friends) and clubs to design a museum together in the windows of a nursing home, community centre or library are also supported. 

Fancy joining in?

E-mail your name, address, museum object(s) and the story behind it to: 

You’ll soon receive more information and you can get started designing your own museum.


NB: Limburg Marketing is promotor and inspirator of the Windowsill Museum. There where private pieces (in the public space) are on display, Limburg Marketing is not liable for any damage to or loss of exhibited items.