Weert Van Horne city

Weert has been profiling itself as Van Horne Stad since 2018. The execution of Philips van Horne and Lamoraal van Egmond in 1568 was the prelude to the 80-year war and an independent Netherlands. Weert's cultural heritage clearly shows the important influence

the Van Horne family had on the development of Weert. The Jacob van Horne Museum can be found in the old town hall on Markt in Weert, opposite de St Martinus Church.
Weert offers various activities around this theme.

  • Graaf van Horne Mountainbike path

    The Graaf van Horne Mountainbike path is a tour of 93 km long. It leads past all the nature reserves that the Weerterland, the Land of Horne, is rich in. The mountain bike path is not signposted. It can best be cycled using GPX downloads.

  • Graaf van Horne hiking path

    The Graaf van Horne hiking path runs around Weert through a varied landscape. This Long-distance Walk (LAW) crosses beautiful nature reserves, along fields and meadows and passes various church villages. The path also takes you to Belgium.

  • Archeo belevingsroute Weert

    Experience the history of Weert and Van Horne with the most modern technology on the Archeo Belevingsroute Weert.