Routes for cars and motorbikes in the heart of Limburg

Are you keen to explore Central Limburg and the regions just across the border in Germany or Belgium by car or motorbike? Please make a choice from the various car or motorcycle routes in Central Limburg.

They are all circular routes, ensuring that you can start and finish wherever you like.

There is an attractive route available for each municipality in Central Limburg. In addition there are 2 cross-border routes which take you into neighbouring Germany or Belgium.

All routes are both available in digital format via the digital car route and motor route planner as well as in print.


Lengte: 66 km. De gemeente Maasgouw omringt de Maasplassen, het grootste aaneengesloten watersportgebied van Nederland. Deze route kenmerkt zich dan ook door het vele water met de mooie natuur en pittoreske dorpjes daar omheen.

Autoroute Maasgouw