Are you in Roermond this summer? Good, because vibrant Roermond offers twenty extras from July 18. On benches scattered throughout the city centre, you'll discover surprising stories about the culture, history and more.

You can do this from 18 July with the help of the Roermondjes app. Scan the signs with your phone, sit back and relax. Curious? Then take a look online.

  • Map Roermondjes

    View the map  with an overview of all locations of the 20 banks. Walking from the Stationsplein and the Munsterplein to the cathedral near the Markt? Or do you prefer the suburb of St.-Jacob? Make your choice or visit all twenty. 
  • Roermondjes-app

    Make the most of your trip to Roermond! Plan your route in advance. Download the Roermond app at home from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The map shows you where to find the 20 signs in the city. Do you prefer to plan your route on the spot at the last minute? You can do this on the special Roermond benches along the walking paths in the city. We wish you a lot of fun in Roermond!

  • Roermond offers more

    Roermond is absolutely 'full of historical stories'.That is why the city of Roermond not only offers a wealth of monumental splendour and a great range of shops, but also many cafés, cafeterias and restaurants. Moreover, our city is situated on the rivers the Ruhr and the Meuse. Getting a breath of fresh air on a (canal) boat or along the water is no problem in this versatile city.