Nature reserves in the heart of Limburg

Central Limburg is surrounded by an abundance of nature.

There are six large nature reserves: Grenspark Kempen-BroekGrenspark Maas-Schwalm-Nette, Rivierpark Maasvallei, National Park De MeinwegBrachterwaldHet Leudal and National Park De Groote Peel.

Three of the areas span national borders: Grenspark Kempen-Broek, Grenspark Maas-Schwalm-Nette and Rivierpark Maasvallei. One nature reserve is just over the border in Germany, close to Beesel: Brachterwald. Central Limburg has two National Parks: De Groote Peel and De Meinweg. Thanks to its nature reserve called Het Leudal, the municipality of Leudal is also called ‘the garden of Limburg’.

In addition to these large nature reserves, Central Limburg also has a number of smaller areas of natural beauty.  The nature reserves in Central Limburg are all characterised by their striking and unusual flora and fauna, their rich biodiversity and their expansive beauty. 
Most of Central Limburg’s nature reserves are ideal for walking and cycling. Often, they are suitable for horse riding or mountain biking too. You can follow marked routes in most of them.

Nature reserve

Langs de weg van Horn naar Heythuysen ligt Landgoed Beijlshof. Het landgoed is ca. 93 ha. groot.

Landgoed Beijlshof
Nature reserve

Exaten is een landgoed van 141 ha, gelegen ten zuidoosten van Baexem.

Nature reserve

De Molenplas is een bijzondere Maasplas in het Maasplassengebied. De plas is ontstaan uit de laatste traditionele grindwinning.

Nature reserve

The Leudal is a nature reserve in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is located between the villages Haelen, Roggel, Neer, Heythuysen and Nunhem in the municipality of Leudal.

Het Leudal