Enjoying nature and the great outdoors with groups in the heart of Limburg

Discover Central Limburg’s abundance of nature during a group activity.

There are various ways of exploring the countryside with a group, such as on foot or by bike, but also in a canoe or on a tandem. Central Limburg has several attractively situated golf courses. Many of them offer golf clinics for groups to enable beginners to get their first taste of the sport.

Central Limburg also has the Maasplassen, the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands. In addition to all the water-related sporting and recreational opportunities presented by this network of interconnected lakes, the area is also home to unique flora and fauna.   

In 2015, Weert was named as the world’s greenest region and Beesel holds the title of the greenest village in the Netherlands. 

So there are plenty of options for outdoor group activities in the heart of Limburg!

Nature and Recreation

Altijd al willen weten hoe schapenbegrazing in de praktijk in zijn werk gaat? Dat hoor en zie je tijdens dit leuke en leerzame bedrijfsbezoek aan de schapenboerderij in de omgeving van Roermond.

Bezoek aan de schapenboerderij in Limburg
Nature and Recreation

Het verplaatsen van een kudde schapen is niet gemakkelijk. Dat zullen jullie zelf ondervinden tijdens deze groepsactiviteit in de omgeving van Roermond.

Op pad met een schaapherder in Limburg
Nature and Recreation

The river Meuse forms the border between the Netherlands and Belgium for a 40 km stretch. The area on either side forms the nature reserve NatuurPark Maasvallei. Together with a specialist guide, the MaasVerkenner (literally translated as Meuse Explorer), you will explore this beautiful piece of nature.

Rivierpark Maasvallei: guided tour with a MaasVerkenner