Municipality of Echt - Susteren

The Narrowest Part of the Netherlands

Even in the Narrowest Part of the Netherlands it is still possible to walk and cycle between numbered intersections. This system of intersections forms a terrific interconnected network so that you can map out your own route. Enjoy a gentle stroll through the charming surroundings of Echt, with its varied scenery of woodlands, meadows and villages. The map of intersections and routes indicates the type of ground underfoot, from paved roads to sandy tracks and paths where walking boots are recommended. Echt-Susteren also includes a unique system of QR codes on the information boards along the route which you can scan using your smartphone to access more information about the points of interest. The map of intersections and routes can be bought at VVV Limburg locations, VVV service points or online via

Contemplate and learn

In the Heilige Amelberga church in Susteren, a basilica dating from the 11th century, you will find a treasure trove of some of our country’s oldest books, priceless textile items and liturgical objects. From this spiritual world, it is a small step to the Trefcentrum Edith Stein Foundation in Echt, which has an extensive archive of material about this Carmelite nun who was declared a saint in 1998. Echt is also home to ‘Museum van de Vrouw’, a museum presenting a surprising amount of information about the role of women and their influence on society and culture – which is also interesting for men!


Go-karts, laser quest, escape rooms, ten-pin bowling lanes, paintball – you can find something for everyone at the All in Echt venue. You can also choose from a wide range of workshops. And if the children just want to play outside, they can do so at Valdeludo – where they can build dens, climb, run around and play in the river to their hearts’ content. In other words, this park is a fantastic experience for people of all ages.

See the pigs at Lilbosch Abbey

You can see Livar pigs rooting around in the grounds of Lilbosch Abbey in Pey. In these peaceful and spacious surroundings, this special breed of pigs are cared for by the Cistercian monks who have been living there and leading a simple life with respect for plants and animals for centuries. If you are lucky, you can join a guided tour which is followed by the opportunity to sample Livar pork products. You can also find dishes prepared using local Livar meat on some local menus.