Mountainbike or racebike routeplaner in the heart of Limburg

Enjoy cycling a route with your mountain bike through the Central Limburg forest. But also cycling alone or with your club a race cycle tour through the Limburg country. With the MTB or race cycling route planner you can enjoy the most beautiful routes in the middle of Limburg.

Whether you want to race through nature or landscape with a group or club on a Sunday morning, or if you want to train alone fore a race, the route planner gives you information about the most beautiful routes.

More information about all sports routes in the middle of Limburg.

How to use the MTB or raceroute route planner

You can choose to display the points of interest on the map by selecting one of the buttons beneath the map (e.g. ‘Seeing and doing’)

Click on a red dot of your choice. This will open a pop-up window about the route. You can zoom in to see whether any other routes start from the same point.

Click on ‘open’ to show a complete overview of the route.
Click on ‘close’ to choose a different route.

Now select one of the options to indicate what you want to do with your chosen route.