VVV I-punt Ohe en Laak - De Sangershoeve

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On a higher part of the river bed at the Maas, called "On the mountain" by locals, lies a so called 'carre farm' that dates from the beginning of the 17th century.

This is the Sangershoeve that was recently renovated and completely rebuild for recreative purposes.
The Sangershoeve is a historical building on the Maas-island in Ohé and was formerly used as a mixed farmer company. The fruit trees that can be found here and there are the remaining evidence of this
Close to the Sangershoeve is a beautiful nature area called 'de Molenplas'.
This area is managed and kept in great shape by a Dutch organisation called 'Natuurmonumenten'.
De Molenplas lays between the villages Ohé en Laak and Stevensweert. The farm has been built with original hand-formed bricks. The luxurious apartments are situated in the 'tiendschuur', a former grain barn.
The campsite, situated at the former orchard, offers large stay-places that are perfectly maintained.

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VVV I-punt Ohé en Laak - De Sangershoeve
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