Nizet Kaas en Delicatessen

Food/drink, Regional products

The most tasty shop of Roermond

Nizet Kaas & Delicatessen is an artisanal cheese and delicatessen shop in the historic centre of Roermond. Family Nizet founded the shop in 1860. Over the years the shop has grown of offering a wide variety of local and internation cheeses, premium cured meats and other delicacies. The shop is famous for the homemade dishes of owner Christianne Houben and is now referred to by locals as 't lekkerste winkelke van Remunj' ('the most tasty shop of Roermond'). We invite you to come and taste our artisanal cheeses and authentic food. The shop is situated in the Brugstraat, in the historic shopping centre of Roermond. Close to cafes and restaurants on the Roerkade, it offers a real artisanal food experience you cannot miss!

Contact information

Nizet Kaas en Delicatessen
Brugstraat 23a
0475 315 660

Opening hours

Tu -Fr : 10:00 - 18:00 hour,
Sa : 10:00 - 17:00 hour.