nature reserve the Leudal

Nature reserve

The Leudal is a nature reserve in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is located between the villages Haelen, Roggel, Neer, Heythuysen and Nunhem in the municipality of Leudal.

The nature reserve covers about 900 hectares, much of which (500 hectares) by Forestry Commission managed as a conservancy area. Right in the area is the St. Ursula mill or Leu mill from 1773 (named after Saint Ursula). It is a water mill, used for
grain and oil.
The Leudal is a very popular hiking area and among other things affected by the Peellandpad, but there are also many shorter trails, some are marked with colored stakes.
These begin near the Leudal Museum, located in the visitor center Leudal.
The museum provides information about the flora and fauna, archeology and some
history (especially WWII) of the area. Furthermore, there are horse trails
through the area and biketrails as a part of the bicycle route network.
The river valleys in the Leudal are of scenic beauty. They are covered with mostly natural forest which also prevent the hazel, birch and willow. Between the trees sway the Zelsterbeek and Leubeek. The water is streaming for centuries in valleys, so deeply eroded that they sometimes resemble canyons. In the spring at the riverbank the flowers
look like a carpet of anemones, lily and lily of the valley.
From the Maas fish pulling upstream in order to spawn in search of shallow waters. To feed them near the mills there have been constructed fish passages. At the transition from higher to lower ground the has rainwater made eroded hollow roads.

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Bezoekerscentrum en museum Leudal

Bezoekerscentrum Leudal

Ontdek natuur en erfgoed van Leudal. Vanaf Bezoekerscentrum Leudal kunnen groepen excursies maken door natuurgebied het Leudal op aanvraag met diverse thema's.