Nationaal monument voor gevallenen in Nederlands-Oost-Indie en Nieuw-Guinea (1945-1962) en vredesoperaties


Established to the memory if the victims of the more than 6.200 Dutch soldiers in the period between 1945 and 1962 in the former Nederlands East Indies or New Guinea.

The annual commemoration is always  at September  7.  The memorial for all civilian victims in Dutch East Indies and Dutch New Guinea is added  to the National Monument. The memorial for  Peace missions is in the pond of the Hattem Parc. It is raised to memory  the Dutch military victims of Peace missions since the beginning of the Korea War. The memorial arch embodies the vision of the Stichting Nationaal Indië-Monument 1945-1962.  The stainless steel columns symbolize the way veterans grow to each other.

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Nationaal monument voor gevallenen in Nederlands-Oost-Indië en Nieuw-Guinea (1945-1962) en vredesoperaties
Maastrichterweg 25