Molen Sint Anna Keent


The mill was built in 1911 for local farmers, who were until then obliged to grind their grain at a greater distance.

When building the mill, there were used components from the Clercx Mill, which was demolished.
When the mill was sold in 1924, there was also a suction gas engine available to grind in still air. The mill remained until the beginning of the 50s in use. Then the miller had to quit his business and the mill came to stand still.
Early 70s bought the municipality the St. Anna mill and let the derelict mill be restored.
In 1973 the mill was grind again. He is still intact and still capable to grind.
The mill is open to visitors every time the grinder is running.

Contact information

Molen Sint Anna Keent
Keenterstraat 1

Opening hours

Toelichting: Iedere zaterdag van 11 tot 16.30 uur
Iedere 1e zondag van de maand van 13 tot 17 uur
Iedere 2e woensdag van de maand van 13.30 tot 16.30 uur en zeer regelmatig ook op andere woensdagen 's middags
verder altijd wanneer de molenpoort open staat of de wieken draaien of na telefonische afspraak.