Liberation cycling route Roermond - Roerdalen

Cycle path

Length: 43.1 km. The cycle route takes you along the various audio spots in the municipalities of Roermond and Roerdalen.

At each liaudio spot you can hear a recording of the impressive experiences of one or more people during the last years of the war (WW II). 

Please note that not all audio spots are directly next to the route.

The route starts at intersection 83. From here you can visit the nearby Saint Christopher's Cathedral daily from 14-17 hours. This is also the location of audio spot 214 . 

Several tourist information points are included in the route. These are all located near cosy restaurants and bars. If the weather is nice, it is wonderful to relax on one of the terraces. 

Tip: taste the homemade flans at Landwinkel Schurenhof in Vlodrop. Along the route you can visit the Roerstreek Museum (Kerkplein 10) in Sint Odilienberg and the Roerdriehoek Museum (Dijkstraat 5) in Montfort. The Roerdriehoek museum is entirely dedicated to the 2nd World War.

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Liberation Fietsroute Roermond - Roerdalen
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43.1 km
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