Leudal Zuid cycling route

Cycle path

Length: 41,3 km. The Leudal route takes you through almost the entire municipality of Leudal.

You start at Bezoekerscentrum Leudal, between Roggel and Haelen. In a trip of over 40 kilometres you will cycle through Nunhem, Neer, Buggenum, Haelen, Horn, Grathem and Baexem. These cosy villages are interspersed with beautiful nature such as the Exates, many attractions and a beautiful view over the Maasplassen. 


Leudal is known for its mills. Immediately at the start of the route you'll find the first mill: the St. Elisabeth mill. A little further toward Nunhem is the Leu mill, also known as the St. Ursula mill. The next windmills you'll encounter are the mill de Welvaart in Horn, the mill de Hoop in Horn and - slightly away from the route - de Grathemer Mill in Grathem. 

In addition to its mills, Leudal is also known for its stately homes, referred to as castles. Kasteel Horn in Horn, almost directly on the route, is one of the oldest intact medieval ring wall castles in the Netherlands. 


Via the nature reserve De Beegderheide the route continues in the direction of Beegden and Grathem, where you will cycle through the Exaten nature reserve. The last part of this cycle route goes through the Leudal nature reserve. The Leudal nature reserve is probably the best known nature reserve in this region, thanks to the various brook valleys, land dunes, woodland fens and a rich variety of fauna.

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