Holidaypark Weerterbergen

Bowling alley

At Weerterbergen you can stay in a 4 -, 6 - and 8 person bungalows. We also have accommodations that are suitable for 10 - to 24 persons.

At the heart of Weerterbergen "Het Centrumplein" lies the Subtropical swimming pool,sauna, restaurants (a la carte / pizzeria / restaurant buffet / pancake / fast food), shops, cafes, bowling, mini golf and several playgrounds.
We also have accommodations that are suitable for 10 - to 24 persons including sauna. We also provide (child) parties, group meetings and meetings. Vakantie Weerterbergen has 3 rooms with natural daylight and stunning view.

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Swimming pool

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Holidaypark Weerterbergen

The Subtropical Swimming Pool + sauna, restaurants, shops, terraces, bowling, miniature golf and various playground equipment are located around the heart of Weerterbergen ''the center square''.

Vakantiepark Weerterbergen

Holidaypark Weerterbergen

Weerterbergen offers you the boundless hospitality of a holiday park combined with all the necessary facilities for an efficient meeting.

Holidaypark Weerterbergen

Holidaypark Weerterbergen

DISCOUNT LIMBURG CARD: EU 1.00 discount on the regular admission prices at the Weerterbergen swimming paradise