Het ontdekken waard cycle route

Cycle path

Length: 43,3 km. Roermond is a beautiful town with a rich cultural history, and is surrounded by nature. This city still harbours many unknown places that would amaze even its own inhabitants.

That is why Citymanagement Roermond called upon its residents to nominate special places. This resulted in 21 places, which have been portrayed and displayed on election posters throughout Roermond. The campaign was expanded to include a cycle route. 

The cycle route is linked to the cycle intersection network as much as possible, making it an attractive route to cycle. The route, which remains entirely within Roermond's municipal boundaries, has a total length of 43.3 km. The cycle route in handy take-away format is available at the VVV tourist office (Markt 17, Roermond). 

The locations

The route connects the following special locations: The Rattentoren, the Carolus Chapel, the Ursuline Chapel, the Sint Dionysius Church, the meandering river Swalm in the Groenewoud, Kasteel Hillenraad, Kasteelhoeve Zuidewijk Spick, Maasnielderbeek with the Schaatsvijver, monumental facades ‘het Veld’, ‘Het graf met de handjes’ on the old cemetery, ‘Kapel in ’t Zand’, the Kruiswegpark, the Cuypershuis, Hammerveld-Oost nature reserve, Rosslag Herten, Isabella Greend - Oolder Greend, the ECI Cultuurfabriek, Voorstad St. Jacob. The view on parking deck Roercenter, the Praalgraf in the Munsterkerk and the Teekenschool. 

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Het ontdekken waard fietsroute Roermond
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43.3 km