Cycle tour between Maas and Nette

Cycle path

Beautiful route through North Limburg and Kreis Viersen (Germany), with two ferry crossings (Maas).

Between the Rhein and the Maas lies the beautiful Kreis Viersen. The area forms a border with North Limburg, which is centrally embedded between Germany and Belgium. 

For many people this is still an unknown part of the Netherlands. This part of the Netherlands is for those who enjoy the good life, asparagus, mushrooms, beer and local specialties. Woods and heathland, cosy villages and vast farmlands alternate in the landscape. You will find extensive accommodation, restaurants from simple to extensive and many different activities and sights. Mills, churches, castles and monuments are everywhere in the landscape and all have their own story. Stop off at one of these beautiful buildings and let the surroundings take your breath away.

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Fietstocht tussen Maas en Nette
Raadhuisplein 1A


51 km