Cycle racing route: Limburg land and water tour

Cycle path

Length: 104 km. - Race cycling route / touring bike route. This route is a beautiful combination of land and water. You pass beautiful Limburg villages and cities, in a varied landscape. On your tour you see a lot of water. Not only is the Maas often present, you also cycle along a large part of the Maasplassen in the middle of Limburg. The route takes you through the municipalities of Weert, Leudal, Peel and Maas, Venlo, Beesel, Roermond and Maasgouw.

From Weert you quickly arrive in the municipality of Leudal. Via Heythuysen you cycle partly through the beautiful nature reserve Leudal. Via Nunhem you arrive at the passers-by port in Neer, where you cycle a beautiful part along the Maas, with a magnificent view towards the municipality of Beesel. You then cycle into Kessel with its historic center and castle. Then you drive towards Baarlo with always the Maas nearby. You continue to Blerick, where you cross the Maasbridge. On the Tegelen side you will continue to enjoy the view of the Maas. You pass the monastery village of Steyl and via Belfeld you pass the hamlet of Ronkenstein in Reuver. From Reuver to Beesel past Kasteel Nieuwenbroeck to pittoresk Asselt. Continue to Roermond where you drive via various Maasplassen and the lock at Osen to Beegden. Along De Lange Vlieter you come in places like Grathem, Kelpen-Oler and Ell. Finally, you enter the municipality of Weert again via Swartbroek.

A truly beautiful route!

Tip for the touring cyclists; enjoy coffee with Limburg pie on the way.

This is a round trip that can be started anywhere on the route.

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