Birgittinessenabdij Maria Hart


At this location with a garden there has been a monastery since 1442. Original the building of the Abbey Maria Hart consisted of several houses and has been rebuilt in 1843 into the present monastery.

From  that year on it is the chair of the congregation of Brigittines. These sisters contributed a lot to the community of Weert. Such as the foundation of the Burgerarmenschool.

In the beginning of the 21st century only four very old sisters lived in this last regional convent  in function. The Abbey has been restored during the first decade  of the 21st  century . With the help of younger sisters of this worldwide congregation it has got a more public relation function.

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Birgittinessenabdij Maria Hart
Maasstraat 17

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On request.

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Birgittinessen Abdij Maria Hart 1

Birgittinessenabdij Maria Hart

This abbey is situated next to the St. Martinuskerk in the centre of Weert and is a protected national monument.