Beesels Broek

Nature reserve

The 28 hectare large reserve is located southeast of Beesel in a varied landscape.

Elzenbroek- and poplulierenforest, interspersed with small
wet grassland are iconic. Two streams cut through the area. The area is freely accessible on roads and paths. The area surrounding the of the Beesels Broek lends itself to exploration on foot or by bike. A trip through Swalmen, Swalmdal, environment Baxhof and then Beesels Broek gives a varied picture of the region.

The Beesels Broek derives its value from the transition from
wet to dry conditions. From the terrace immediately east of the property is iron and oxygen-rich seepage water on the surface. The banks are almost the whole summer wet because of the springing springs. Through a network of ditches
disappears the seepage through the south flowing Teutebeek and the northward flowing Cry Beek from the area.
Besides alder trees also
come for as downy birch and common ash.
Besides alder trees there are
also downy birch and common ash.


If the ground is drier the elzenbos itself far roughs . Especially
blackberries occur than in the foreground. During winter the siskis is the most
striking bird because of his song. The small landscape with its network of dirt
roads, rough verges and banks, combined with the extensive use of agricultural
land is very suitable for all kinds of animals.
Larger mammals such as deer, fox and squirrel are frequently seen. It is an excellent
habitat for the tie who has several castles near Beesel. There is a abundance
of insects out in the presence of various kinds like grasshoppers and

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Beesels Broek
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