Asparagus cycle route spring Roermond and the Meinweg

Cycle path

Length: 49 km. This route is very beautiful all year round, but especially interesting in spring, when you can enjoy the asparagus fields, where you can often buy asparagus fresh from the cold ground.

This junction cycle route shows you all the beauty of Central Limburg. You ride through a varied landscape of winding streams, vast forests and idyllic towns. You will not only pass through National Park de Meinweg, but also along the beautiful river the Roer and through the old village of Sint Odiliënberg with its centuries-old basilica. Pure enjoyment! 

This cycle route is beautiful all year round, but if you are here in the spring, you can enjoy the speciality of the region; asparagus. This unique vegetable, with nicknames such as 'the white gold' and 'queen of vegetables', grows on many fields along the way and you can often taste and buy it on the spot. You'll understand where these nicknames come from... 

A striking feature of the asparagus fields is that the ground is raised by half a metre. This is done so that the shoot finds its way into the light and can be harvested before it reaches the surface. For the viewer, these fields with their separate stripe pattern are a special spectacle. 

You can start this cycle route in Roermond from point 83.

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Aspergefietsroute voorjaar Roermond en de Meinweg
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