Limburg Remembers freedom boat

The Freedom Boat sets sail

As of September 2019, the Freedom Boat will set sail on L1. In five special TV-broadcasts, presenter Kirsten Paulus will travel the Meuse from Southern to Northern Limburg, parallel to the liberation of Limburg in 1944-1945.

Onboard, Kirsten will receive a wide range of guests with a common denominator; celebrating the liberation and commemorating the Second World War 75 years on. This will happen in traditional ways but also in very contemporary ways with the aid of digital technology. A selection of extraordinary initiatives will pass the review in the studio onboard the Maaslakei and in special reports. In each episode, we visit one of the pop-up museums in a windowsill somewhere in Limburg.

The Freedom Boat shows you what is on

The soil of Limburg is scattered with impressive war stories about soldiers and civilians, resistance heroes and collaborators, about liberators and the German occupier. These stories and the theme ‘Life with and without freedom’ are the leitmotiv on the trip down the Meuse..

The Freedom Boat will also open to topical initiatives around the theme of Limburg Liberated 75 Years that are taking place in Limburg.

Join us for an upstream view from South to North Limburg and find out what is going on near you! The broadcasts will be on L1 in 2019 on Thursday 12 September, 3 October and 7 November and in 2020 on Thursday 6 February and the 12th of March.

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