Stables, horse hotels or horse B&Bs in the heart of Limburg

There are various places in the heart of Limburg where you and your horse can spend the night, such as at horse hotels or horse B&Bs.

A number of stables in Central Limburg offer you the opportunity to hire a horse, attend horse-riding lessons or go horse riding on your own.

It’s also possible to go horse riding with an instructor by prior arrangement.

Riding stables

As a horse lover you will certainly appreciate pension Jagerhof. Situated in the National Park 'De Meinweg' Jagerhof is a completely new equestrian resort with an exclusive atmosphere and many possibilities.

Riding stables

Rijstal Venhof has long been known in Middle Limburg.
Located on the edge of National Park "the Meinweg"
Rijstal Venhof is a real oasis of calm and greenery.

Rijstal Venhof