Gallery or art studio in the heart of Limburg

Whether you’re interested in traditional paintings, abstract art, sculptures, ceramics or other types of art, you can admire and buy all kinds of artworks in Central Limburg.

In some places you can even see artists at work in their studios.


Marianne Bongers - the Artist and her Art
Marianne Bongers was born in 1953 in the city of Roermond in the Netherlands.

Galerie Honest Art

The Art place, that is, the Studio and the Gallery, is a unique location in the historical centre of Roermond with a lot of history and contemporary art.

Galerie Roermond : Galerie Mariska Dirkx en beeldhouwer Dick van Wijk

The Dragon you see when you enter Beesel is made by Rik van Rijswick. In this beautiful village is also the gallery and sculpture garden of this artist.

Rik van Rijswick