Cycle routes in the heart of Limburg

The heart of Limburg is perfect for cycling. Simply jump on your bike and head off out. Central Limburg has a wide range of ready-made cycle routes on offer.

These cycle routes vary in length and take you through characteristic Limburg villages, along  the River Meuse and the Maasplassen or through areas of natural beauty and National Parks

There are also a number of cycle routes with a particular theme, or you can choose a ready-made cycle route based on the numbered intersections.

If you would rather devise your own route, click on the cycle route planner.

Cycle path

Beautiful cross-border cycling tour through the Maas-Schwalm-Nette area.

Fietsroute Swalm - Maas
Cycle path

This 35 km route is a loop, which leads along the border between Stramproy, Leudal and Kinrooi/Molenbeersel.

Sint Jan Stramproy
Cycle path

Length: 39 km. Use your Smartphone to create an interactive cycling route through the cross-border nature reserve Kempen-Broek.

Interactive Cycle Route Kempen-Broek
Cycle path

Length: 12 km. This route is the southernmost branch of the large south loop of the Weert route 42 km. Part of the route runs along the Belgian border. Surface: paved and unpaved roads. Route is signposted.

MTB Route Weert Zuidlus
Cycle path

Length: 16 km. This route is a branch of the great South Loop route of 42 km. This section runs through wooded areas on both sides of the Dutch-Belgian border. Surface: paved and unpaved roads. Route is signposted.

MTB Route Weert 16km
Cycle path

Length: 48,5 km. The 'Tungelroyse Beek' route forms an 'eight' through the land of Peel and Maas. The landscape consists of wooded sandy grounds, villages, small roads, fields, grasslands, streams and canals.

Tungelroyse beek