Cycle routes in the heart of Limburg

The heart of Limburg is perfect for cycling. Simply jump on your bike and head off out. Central Limburg has a wide range of ready-made cycle routes on offer.

These cycle routes vary in length and take you through characteristic Limburg villages, along  the River Meuse and the Maasplassen or through areas of natural beauty and National Parks

There are also a number of cycle routes with a particular theme, or you can choose a ready-made cycle route based on the numbered intersections.

If you would rather devise your own route, click on the cycle route planner.

Cycle path

Length: 27 km. With this route you cycle via the junctions from Panningen to Roermond.

Op de fiets van Panningen naar Roermond
Cycle path

Length: 44 km Cycle from the narrowest part of the Netherlands to Roermond! Click for the free route.

Op de Fiets van Susteren naar Roermond
Cycle path

Length: 40 km.
With this route you cycle via the junctions from Venlo to Roermond. Click for FREE download

Op de Fiets van Venlo naar Roermond
Cycle path

Length: 48.2 km. The tranquility of the countryside combined with the hectic cosiness in the city of Roermond. You can enjoy the peace and space in the Meinweg National Park region and shop in the historic city of Roermond with the Designer Outlet.

Shoppen en natuur beleven
Cycle path

Lengte: 51,8 km. Laat je verrassen door onze mooiste plekjes boordevol klein geluk! Geniet van de prachtige vergezichten, kleine dorpen en het beekdal van de Roer. Strijk neer op een gezellig terras om de heerlijke streekproducten en de gastvrijheid te proeven.

Klein Geluk
Cycle path

Route 20 km. The 'Swalmdalroute' leads you through a variable landscape with many beautiful views.