Cycle routes in the heart of Limburg

The heart of Limburg is perfect for cycling. Simply jump on your bike and head off out. Central Limburg has a wide range of ready-made cycle routes on offer.

These cycle routes vary in length and take you through characteristic Limburg villages, along  the River Meuse and the Maasplassen or through areas of natural beauty and National Parks

There are also a number of cycle routes with a particular theme, or you can choose a ready-made cycle route based on the numbered intersections.

If you would rather devise your own route, click on the cycle route planner.

Cycle path

Length: 72,88 km. This cycle route around Weert takes you along cycle paths and easily passable, mostly quiet country roads through the unspoilt nature of the border area between the Netherlands and Belgium.

Op de trappers tussen de Wieken
Cycle path

Length: 18.8 km. Experience the exciting history of Weert. Learn about the stories behind archaeological finds with the most modern technology. Stand face-to-face with our virtual archaeologist and discover secrets that have been hidden under the ground so far.

Archaeological experience route Weert
Cycle path

Lenght: 91 km. The Graaf van Horne Cycle Path is a 90 km cycle route that leads mainly through nature in and around Weert.

Graaf van Horne cycling route
Cycle path

Weert waschosen the greenest region of the world in 2014. Weert also won gold in the national green competition Entente Florale 2012 a the European title in 2013.

Groenste stad Noord
Cycle path

Length: 36.3 km . In 2014 Weert was chosen the greenest region of the world in. Weert also won gold in the national green competition Entente Florale 2012 and the European title in 2013!

Groenste stad Zuid
Cycle path

Length: 36 km. Surface: paved and unpaved roads. Type of route: peat bogs, forests and moorlands.

Kruis en Moeselpeel route
Cycle path

Length: 93 kms. (Can be shortened to 70 or 50 kms) The Graaf van Horne Mountainbike trail is a 93 km long tour. It takes you past all the nature reserves in the Weerterland also known as het Land van Horne.

MTB route Graaf van Horne trail
Cycle path

Length: 25 km. This route is part of the 42 km long south loop route of the Weerter mountian bike route. You cycle through a varied landscape of forests and quiet roads. Surface: paved and unpaved roads. Route is signposted.

MTB Route Weert 25km
Cycle path

Length: 33 km. This is a large part of the total south loop route of 42 km of the MTB route in Weert. You will pass through the Tungelerwallen, Stramproyse Heide and along the Belgian border. Surface: paved and unpaved roads.

MTB Route Weert 33km