Cycle routes in the heart of Limburg

The heart of Limburg is perfect for cycling. Simply jump on your bike and head off out. Central Limburg has a wide range of ready-made cycle routes on offer.

These cycle routes vary in length and take you through characteristic Limburg villages, along  the River Meuse and the Maasplassen or through areas of natural beauty and National Parks

There are also a number of cycle routes with a particular theme, or you can choose a ready-made cycle route based on the numbered intersections.

If you would rather devise your own route, click on the cycle route planner.

Cycle path

Length: 72,88 km. This cycle route around Weert takes you along cycle paths and easily passable, mostly quiet country roads through the unspoilt nature of the border area between the Netherlands and Belgium.

Op de trappers tussen de Wieken
Cycle path

Length: 18.8 km. Experience the exciting history of Weert. Learn about the stories behind archaeological finds with the most modern technology. Stand face-to-face with our virtual archaeologist and discover secrets that have been hidden under the ground so far.

Archaeological experience route Weert
Cycle path

Length: 38.5 km. The Asparagus cycle route Leudal takes you past the famous 'Asparagus for sale' signs, selling points and asparagus fields. You start from Kelpen-Oler and along the way you can see, buy and taste asparagus in various places.

Asparagus cycle route Leudal
Cycle path

Length: 49 km. This route is very beautiful all year round, but especially interesting in spring, when you can enjoy the asparagus fields, where you can often buy asparagus fresh from the cold ground.

Asparagus cycle route spring Roermond and the Meinweg
Cycle path

Length: 67 km. With a cross-border cycling project, the neighbouring communities of Bruggen and Beesel have shown visitors that the region has worked well together for centuries.

Cultuurhistorische fietsroute
Cycle path

Length: 60 km. - Race cycling route / touring bike route. This route takes you through the city of Weert into Noord-Brabant. Lots of nature and quiet roads are the main backdrop of this beautiful route.

Cycle racing route: Brabant tour
Cycle path

Length: 104 km. - Race cycling route / touring bike route. This route is a beautiful combination of land and water. You pass beautiful Limburg villages and cities, in a varied landscape. On your tour you see a lot of water. Not only is the Maas often present, you also cycle along a large part of the Maasplassen in the middle of Limburg. The route takes you through the municipalities of Weert, Leudal, Peel and Maas, Venlo, Beesel, Roermond and Maasgouw.

Cycle racing route: Limburg land and water tour
Cycle path

Length: 96 km. - Race cycling route / touring bike route. On this quiet and rural route you will pass many beautiful Middle Limburg villages. You will cycle through the municipalities of Weert, Leudal, Maasgouw and Roerdalen, among others, and you will also come partly through Belgium.

Cycle racing route: Round trip Central Limburg villages
Cycle path

Length: 78 km. - Race cycling route / touring bike route. This rural and wooded route takes you past many church villages of the municipality of Weert. You will also pass through the municipalities of Nederweert and Leudal. Along the way you will pass through various nature reserves such as the Weerterbos and De Groote Peel.

Cycle racing route: Tour around Weert
Cycle path

Length: 92 km. - Race cycling route / touring bike route. A varied route, through wooded areas, mostly on quiet back roads. In the Dutch part you will pass through the municipality of Weert. More than half of the cycling route passes through Belgian territory.

Cycle racing route: Tour of Reppel