Boat and canoe hire in the heart of Limburg

Want to hire a motorboat, yacht, sloop or canoe? Or take part in extreme water sports? You’ve come to the right place at the Maasplassen in Central Limburg!

You’ll not only find a list of places to hire motorboats, yachts, canoes or sloops below, but also places where you can take part in extreme water sports. 

Come and enjoy the water sports facilities, the beauty and the adventure of the Maasplassen.

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A day of undisturbed enjoyment on the water! Sailing license not necessary! With a warm welcome and clear sailing instructions you are at the right address at Boat rental Boschmolenplas! With our sloops you can sail over the Maasplassen.

Boat rental Boschmolenplas
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At 't Veerhuis in Wessem you've come to the right place to rent coronaproof a boat. You only can book online!Use the button.
The sloops are rented in accordance with the corona guidelines.

Boat Rental: 't Veerhuis
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Ofcourse it is possible to hire a boat with Aqua Libra Yachtcharter.
We are partner of the "Linssen Boating Holiday" network. Rental of luxury motor yachts without skipper.

Boat rental: Aqua Libra Yachtcharter
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The Maasplassen, at the most north-eastern tip of Belgian Limburg and Rivierpark de Maasvallei, form a unique setting for a wonderful day out in the great outdoors. The simple operation and the durable, silent electric motors of our fleet ensure a very enjoyable trip. In addition, we are in possession of the GreenKey Hallmark. Enjoyment guaranteed!

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Would you like to experience an adventure like none before? You've come to the right place.

Boat rental: Flossverleih TreibGuT Buggenum
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The varied rentalfleet of Watersportschool Frissen in Roermond, offers fun on and around the water, for young and old, for actionseekers or for rest and relaxation. Rental of various types of boats; sailboats, motor boats, sloops and kayaks.

Boat rental: Watersportschool Frissen
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Paint and preservation, Engines, Generators, Electronics, Boats, Accessories, Fasteners, Mobile service, Repair and maintenance work.

Boot Equipment Watersport B.V.
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Want to sail with a luxury sloop on the Limburg Maas? Enjoy Corona Proof of the beautiful sailing area. Book here!

Boot huren: Myboat Watersport
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At Sailcenter Limburg in Ophoven you can rent a boat to enjoy yourself on the water. Explore the area via the Maas and Maasplassen, have a drink on a terrace or take a refreshing dip in the water. Renting a boat at Sailcenter Limburg is Corona safe. However, you should observe the following measures:

Sailcenter Limburg