Active and sportive day for groups in the heart of Limburg

Central Limburg has a very varied offering for groups of all ages who are looking for active sporting activities in the region.

Adventurous outdoor activities include forest climbing parks, a hexathlon, bubble football or water-based challenges such as wakeboarding or waterskiing. Slightly less strenuous but just as much fun are activities such as a ride on a solex (vintage powered bicycle) or in a rickshaw (known as a ‘tuk tuk’). 

Take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages in an ancient castle or try to emerge unscathed from a high-tech escape room, which can also be combined with an ‘escape dinner’.

Needless to say, several of these activities can be combined into a package to arrange a complete day out for groups in Central Limburg.

See below for ideas for an active day of sporting activities for groups in Central Limburg.

Active and Sportive

Lol en plezier gegarandeerd tijdens dit actieve en sportieve groepsprogramma in de buitenlucht.
Bij ieder onderdeel wordt op ludieke manier de 1,5 meter afstand gewaarborgd.

Actief en sportief outdoor groepsprogramma: Fun Adventure
Active and Sportive

Samenwerken, creativiteit, inzicht, lef en doorzettingsvermogen zijn onmisbaar tijdens dit actieve spel.

Survival spel in Limburg: Expeditie Robinson